Bridge Saw 5 Axis CNC Granite Shop Equipments Sink Cutout Edge Polisher
Stone Block cutting Machine Sawing Slabs
Stone Polishing Machine Granite Polisher Marble Slabs


Hydraulic Splitter Rock Splitting Equipment
Granite Press Machine Hydraulic
Marble Profiling Machine Modeling Balustrade Railing Stairs



Realiable machine to help grow your business and good work horse to create value for customers.

Satisfying service to assist you from start to finish and professional knowledge to find your dream machine.

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Whether you want to replace your old machines, add new machines, start stone processing business...We have wide selection of machinery from ingenuity manufacturing includes bridge saw, block saw, sink cutout machine, edge polisher, polishing machine, stone splitter, balustrade machine, etc.

AGA - Your one-stop-shop for all equipment needs.


Another new saw machine working successfully in USA. ......
  The Expo of Global Tiles & Stone Experience Coverings concluded successfully on April 25......
Granite bridge saw machine 625 working in United States ......


AGA specializes in equipments of high quality and advanced technology,being hot sales in world stone market over 15 years. Clients from USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Mid East, Egypt, India, Africa...have made their unrivaled product in the competitive market and obtained best return beyond the investment by using our equipments. You will be the next one to get benefit too.

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