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Stone Bridge Saw Machine
Stone Bridge Saw Machine

Stone Bridge Saw Machine

Bridge saw machine cutting slab and tiles of marble granite stones
Product ID : HQ400-600-700
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Stone Bridge Saw Machine

Product Description

 Stone bridge saw monoblock

Stone bridge saw with concrete walls


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-  Bridge saw machine to cut slab and tile of granite, marble, sandstone and other stone materials.

-  The machine is microcomputer control and works automatically by program.

-  The blade goes left and right, up and down, the bridge beam moves forward and backward.

-  Table tilts up to 85 degree to load the big slabs easily and it also rotates 90 / 360 degree to change the cutting position.

-  Touch screen operation is simple and Laser guide shows the cutting position that makes the cutting easier.

-  Blade tilt 45 degree for mitered cuts available for model HQ700

-  Four pistons head optional.



-  Main structures made of strong cast iron and stainless steel for protection

-  Electric parts from Japan ensuring stable performance 

-  Computer control automatic work and stable performance

-  Flexible movements in X, Y, Z axis by screw

-  Precise cut +/-0.2mm

-  Touch screen easy operation



saw cutting thick marble cutting thick marble

45 cut miter on stone bridge saw machine Bridge saw machine four pistons

bridge saw cutting thick granite bridge saw cutting marble slab

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