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Granite Bridge Saw
Granite Bridge Saw

Granite Bridge Saw

Brige saw monoblock for cutting granite marble quartz stones
Product ID : XZQQ625A
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Bridge Saw Machine for granite marble quartz stone

Product Description

Granite bridge saw for sale




Automatic Bridge Saw for cutting granite, marble, quartz and engineered stones.

A robust bridge saw monoblock applicable for cutting and fabricating slab, counter tops, vanity top, etc.

USA Standard Made with a powerful motor 20 HP and able to cut 3200 mm length, 2000 mm width and 170 mm thick (126”×78”×6.7” L / W / H).



-  Blade travels on the bridge and it also provides automatic power tilting 0 - 45 degree for Miter cuts.

-  Table turns 0 - 360 degree automatically stopped any position and also tilts 0 - 85 degree Hydraulic for easy load of material.

-  This mono block bridge saw machine is computer control and with color Display Touch Screen.

-  It is able to do multiple programs for up to 99 repeat cuts automatically and also capable of manual operation.

-  Wireless remote provides ease control of the saw.

-  Laser guide and sensors give precision cuts every time.

-  Automatic water control saving every drop.

-  Movements of bridge rails are in covered oil bath ensuring smooth movements and reduced wear.

-  Main structures are made of very strong cast iron for stable running and stainless steel for protection.

-  All functions are operated on the control panel that make it very user friendly.

-  Operating Language in English and Input Sizes unit in Inch or mm.


Specification bridge saw XZQQ625A



1. Free delivery, Install & Train.

2. More than 30 references available welcome to watch the working saws nearby.

3. Technicians in U.S. local providing set up, train, support and services.

4. Power specs may differ in locations please advise where you are so we can send the saw that suit you best.

5. Finance available if need please also advise.

6. Please let us know where you are located for on time delivery.


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