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Stone Split Press Machine
Stone Split Press Machine

Stone Split Press Machine

Hydrualic machine to split & press stones
Product ID : P72
Product Tags : Press Split Machine
Product Attributes :

Hydraulic stone press & split machine

Product Description

Hydraulic stone press machine to recycle granite waste or left over from countertops making pavers for plaza, street, garden, etc.

The machine can stamp the paver bricks of various patterns and the dies / shapes are easy to change.

Also It can split the stone into two pieces to make cladding stone and wall stones for natural faces.

It is a smart machine for granite fabricators to recycle the waste turing waste into Gold.


Stone press split machine hydraulic


machine splitting cladding stones

machine stamping paving bricks

paving brick pattern 1 paving brick pattern 2

paving brick pattern 3 paving brick pattern 4





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