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Stone Balustrade Machine
Stone Balustrade Machine

Stone Balustrade Machine

Lathe machine to cut balustrade, railing, pillars, vases
Product ID : DYF600
Product Attributes :

Lathe machine cutting balustrade column pilar

Product Description

The lathe machine cuts marble granite stones into baluster, column, vases, railing, ball, stylobate, cap, guide bar, banister, etc.

The machine is made of strong cast iron and with microcomputer control for automatic work by program.

It makes exact shape copy cut from a template. A laser sensor tracks the template and guides the cutting blades to make copy cut. The template is easy to change for diversified patterns very flexible in use and easy to operate. 

There are 4 cutting blades on the machine and each blade cuts 2 materials so it is able to cut 8 balustrades at the same time that provides very high efficiency.


Lathe machine cutting balustrade column pilar


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